Like it or not, a rock will decide your fate.

For centuries humanity has remained largely unchanged. The technology changes, the culture changes, but not the people themselves. Wars are fought, empires rise, and in 100 years it’s just a footnote in a history book. But today, you have a chance to make a difference. Embrace the power of the crystal and use it to make your mark on history. May you never be a footnote.

What you should know coming in:

  • Your powers should be somewhat in the realm of scientifically explainable. For example, if your powers are electricity your explanation may be that you have been spliced with electric eel DNA or you have operational amplifiers and capacitors built into your body.
  • You need to have an event that should have killed you in your past. Something to the effect of “A large rock was dropped on me and instead of being crushed it just broke on me.” This is the moment when you get your powers.
  • Your powers are granted according to how you almost died.
  • Your “powers” can come from technology or training if you would like to skip the dying thing.
  • You may have powers from both from the crystals and more mundane sources.
  • The story starts in North-western Tennessee in the year 2025.
  • Anything posted on the wiki is deemed easily accessible information within the game world.(i.e It’s common knowledge or could be found out by googling) with the exception of character bIos. They are there for your convenience.

Things to consider

  • You have had your powers for between 1 month and 6 months.
  • How does your metahuman feel about their powers?
  • Are you more interested in justice or changing the world?
  • Do you believe in any deities?
  • Feelings on the medical-industrial complex.
  • Loner type characters are fine but remember you will be part of a team more often than not.

Group Questions:

  • Will the team be known to the public and running from the TDU or more incognito and trying to cover their tracks?

Children of the Crystal

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