Local Doctor who knows too much


Physical Description:
Age: Disputed, appears to be in his late 20s

  • Thin and sickly
  • 5’7"
  • Albino Skin
  • Crimson Eyes(from albinism)
  • Short white hair slicked back
  • No facial hair
  • ½ Russian ½ German

Rumors state he is a former Nazi physician who escaped from Germany prior to the outbreak of WW2. This rumor is largely ignored since that would imply that he is roughly 90 years old and he looks much closer to 30. What is not in question is his surgical skill. He personally boasts a 100% success rate for his surgeries and claims that death is the only ailment he can not cure. Based on the available information one would expect him to be the most prestigious doctor in world but this is definitely untrue. According to his own account he turned down the position of Surgeon General in 2002 due to his disillusionment with the state of the American health system. The final straw for him was the government baring him from releasing a supplement that would kill nearly any disease in one year or less with minimal side effects, a literal panacea. He co-developed the supplement with Jack Blade a CDC researcher and future CEO of Blade Arms. Afterward they were both quietly fired and blacklisted. It was after his blacklisting that he decided to use his talents and started operating a ring of illegal hospitals to service those in need. He took donations from those who could spare the cash and in time became known as the A-team of surgery.(i.e If you can find him, you can hire the best surgeon money can buy). To protect his identity he assumed the name Khimera. When asked about this he usually spouts off something in a mixture of German, Russian, and Japanese. The way he mixes them changes but the message is always the same. “We are all the product of cultures haphazardly sewn together. Some run from this fact but I embrace it.”


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