Jack Blade

CDC researcher turned weapons developer


A 27 year old, wealthy bachelor. He is 5,7 , has a thin wispy frame and an emaciated face from years of Opium use. He usually wears a creepy smile and an amused expression He can generally be found wearing an expensive looking black suit, a crimson dress shirt and a black time with purple flames. He has piercing hazel eyes that distribute a haunting gaze, as if he is trying to kill you with his eyes. He has raven black hair that is usually pulled back into a shoulder length ponytail. He carries a tanto and two M9 Berettas(Semi auto pistols). Each of the weapons are jewel encrusted and plated with gold and/or silver.

He is extremely manipulative but helpful as long as you are working within his constraints.


Strangely enough he often speaks of faith and belief in a greater power. He currently works in the private sector as an arms dealer. He is also known for talking to his what is thought to be his lost love. It is believed he is speaking with a recurring hallucination brought on by his opium use. Despite the drug use he continues to creative innovative new was to bring about the death of thousands at a time. It is confirmed that at least 80% of new designs for tech comes purely from him.

He remains in close contact with his friend Khimera, the shadow CEO of the biotech wing of Blade Arms.

Wife: Deceased
Children: None
Hates: The American Healthcare system
Loves: Opium, his wife

Jack Blade

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