Solar powered knight fighting for justice.


Full Name: Seraphina Lichtenburg
AKA: Sunstrike
Physical Description:
Age: 28

  • Athletic Build
  • 5’9"
  • German
  • Average complexion
  • Short red hair
  • Usually dressed casually.

Blade Arms Solar Armor MkII

  • Increased Strength and Endurance
  • Protection from extreme heat and cold.
  • Solar powered
  • Flight
  • UV radiation blasts

Employed by Blade Arms as the poster girl for the much of their wearable tech. She lacks engineering know-how, but is very adaptable and fearless. This makes her a good candidate for testing out new creations.

Possesses the Blade Arms Solar Armor MkII which offers increases strength, endurance, and environmental protection.The BASA resembles light-weight European knight styled armor and can convert solar energy to electrical energy at 95% efficiency and can run at nominal load for up to 1 week without sunlight. The MkII is also capable of flight but this reduces the run time to about 72 hours at nominal flight load. The main attraction of the suit is the ability to project concentrated beams of solar radiation and flashes of light using LEDs that cover the suit. All of this is done using only the suit’s electrical energy and thus require no sunlight to be present when used. Sunstrike also wields the Corona MkIII and the Sunstrike from which her name comes.

The Corona appears and functions as a knight’s shield but additionally can act as an amplifier for existing solar abilities. It houses more powerful LEDs than the armor and a directional speaker for deafening opponents.

The Suntrike can be super heated up to 5000K and can slice through most matter. The heating is done via induction and thus the blade is safe to touch with non-metals. That being said the blade is an actual blade and with the increased strength many non-metals can be sliced through.


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