Amy Neely

College Student and Story Writer


Amanda “Amy” Neely

Pen Name
Amy Ashling

Hero Name

Her father has an illness that every few months may make him bedridden. Because of this he might one day not show up to work. He usually gets replaced within a week and is unable to return because all the positions are full. These places often give him his job back whenever a position opens up.
He was a famous architect that helped plan parts of the city.

Her mother is a librarian.
Her hobbies are cooking and <other>

Little Brother
Her little brother is 5 years younger and has just started high school. He likes video games and the stories that she tells.

Uncle Johnny
Uncle Johnny runs a bar in town and is nice enough to let Amy’s father work there for minimum wage whenever he’s in-between jobs. Amy often does comedy or story improv at the bar to entertain patrons as a way of thanking Uncle Johnny.

She goes to school for her english degree. She doesn’t think she needs it but many publishers refuse her because of her lack of a degree.

Freelance writer with emphasis in fiction.

Career Goal
She wants to be a story writer. She writes stories, especially young adult and children’s stories, which she wishes to be published but will also write freelance for all media.

A wide range of emotions and imagination she got from making up stories for her little brother.
Very defensive of children, especially her brother.

Her body knows how to create a wire through it to redirect incoming electrical sources. She can consciously control the flow, pressure, power, resistance (amps, volts, watts, ohms) and where it outputs from her body, although at least at first she doesn’t know how her body does it.

Amy Neely

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