Assistant of Khimera


Full Name: Sunita Veda
AKA: Khali
Physical Description:
Age: 36

  • Athletic Build
  • 5’5"
  • Indian American
  • Average complexion
  • Medium length black hair.
  • Usually wearing a business attire.

She was forced into slavery in her home country due to debts owed by her father. She changed hands and was subjected to all manner of abuse until she was admitted to a hospital in rural China with a severe case of pneumonia. Being a rural hospital her owner at the time knew that no paperwork would be filed that might incriminate him. As luck would have it Khimera was assisting at the hospital that day and was assigned to her due to the severity of her pneumonia. While examining her Khimera noticed the bruises and cuts on her body and inquired about the cause. After some coaxing the truth came out and Khimera hatched a plan to fake her death and to take her with him to another country where her owner would never find her. The plan was a success and the two fled to Vietnam where Khimera and Sunita ran a chain of free clinics. Time after time Khimera reminded Sunita that she could leave his side and go anywhere but Sunita refused. She had been a servant her whole life and didn’t know how else to live. She was however happy to choose her master.

In the time since she has followed Khimera she has trained and honed her martial skills to function as a proper bodyguard for the doctor. Her nickname Khali comes from the sanskrit Kali which means black one. A reference to her time as an illegal slave.


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