Zen was established in the year 1973 in Northeastern Tennessee as a civil experiment. The idea was that a city established and planned from it’s very inception would be the perfect city. Much of the architecture was established with room for future technology to take advantage of and the original inhabitants were offered free housing after they passed an in-depth background check and psychological profile. The city was deemed a success but after opening to the public in 1990 it became a haven for criminals due to numerous unoccupied areas intended for expansion. Many of the maintenance tunnels and space left for expansion were unknown to those who came after the public opening of the town and this has led to a literal criminal underworld beneath the city. It is rumored that several successful criminals left their stash in the underworld and were killed before they could retrieve it leading to maintenance workers finding stolen good periodically.
The city is divided into several residential, commercial and industrial districts so that businesses and residents can choose areas that feel right for them. City laws dictate that the prices from property stay within certain ranges so that no area ever becomes too much more expensive than another.

The Underworld which few citizens are aware of sprawls beneath the entire city. No legitimate business or citizens live down there.

Industrial District 7, or ID7 as it is known, is home to the Garden of Eden, Blade Arms, and Fredrick Saynor Memorial hospital.

The city is small but is serviced by three academies that span K-12. The Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald academies each offer an excellent education but a different focus.

  • Ruby specializes in practical applications training such as engineering and trades
  • Sapphire specializes in theoretical studies such as physics, mathematics, and philosophy.
  • Emerald specializes in humanities and other pursuits that don’t fit anywhere else.
    For each academy there is a corresponding University but attending the requisite academy is not require for admission.


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